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Insider Society is a Success Accelerator for women and non-binary entrepreneurs. We provide educational content to help women to break dreams into actionable steps to reach their business and life goals.
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Our founders Katja Presnal and Candice Kilpatrick Brathwaite pioneered in social media marketing in 2000s. In the past 12 years, they've consulted Fortune 100 companies, helped to launch startups, and received marketing awards like American Advertising Awards. They've helped large brands build online communities, launch digital media platforms, and create viral campaigns. All while working from home with children and living in Asia, Europe, and the United States.


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Join Insider Society, because it's your time to reach your goals

There is nothing worse than regret.

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It's your turn! Katja and Candice want to bring their strategic marketing intelligence to women entrepreneurs just like you and help you to achieve your next dream.


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